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engelse vlag                      Welcome to the website of Van Haersma Buma Orthopedagogiek. I have worked for more than 15 years with children and adolescents. First only within an association linked to school education in Rotterdam (CEDgroep) and since 2007 in my own practice.

I work with children and adolescents with different social, emotional and educational problems. These problems are for example anxiety, aggression, learning difficulties, or when they pass through a difficult phase in their lives due to a divorce, moving house, illness in their family or the death of a parent or close relative.

The first interview I meet with the parents. It depends on the kind of problems you want to share and the age of your child whether you take your child with you the first time. First we share the problems you encounter with your child as well as its developmental history. The problems are then discussed. Sometimes more research is needed, by questionnaire, a session with the child or an observation at school. At the end of the first meeting we discuss the options for treatment. After that normally your child will come to the practice once a week.

I work with children (individual and in small groups) and in my approach I use techniques from the cognitive behavioraltherapy (see for more information on this kind of treatment:

When working with children it’s not possible to do this only via talking. I also use a more creative approach and use play.

Parental guidance can be done at the same time as the treatment of your child but is also possible without seeing your child. I try to explore your child’s behavior and we examine how to change your approach in order to modify your child’s behavior.

Sessions last 45 minutes.

Each person living in Holland is entitled to 12 sessions with an Orthopedagoog Generalist. I am contracted by the community's around the Hague (H10). You do need a referral from your GP, specialist or the youth team of your community.

I am a NVO registered Orthopedagoog Generalist (NVO is the Dutch Institute for Educators; Educational psychologist) as well as with de VGCT (Organization of cognitive behavioral therapy in the Netherlands, and the VEN (Organization of EMDR therapy,

Practice code : 94057368

Personal code : 94008646